No shrinking violets here.

I stepped in dog shit this morning. Literally it squished between my bare toes. And metaphorically I’m always stepping in it. I can be a bit of a loud mouth when I believe in something. I have conviction. I like to roar, loudly, and aggressively. Some do not care for it or me.

I am a SAHM. I have 5 daughters and 1 son. I cook dinners, wash laundry, kiss boo-boos, and on occasion will “fetch” my husband a Dr. Pepper. Some may say I am setting women back. I rule my house with an iron fist, call me Margret Thatcher. I choose to be a SAHM.

With it comes some risk. My husband could leave, he could die, or lose his job. Which would put me in quite a pickle. Do I want my children to be just like me, absolutely not. What parent does not want more for their children.

A SAHM is a fine thing to be. I am raising my daughters to be educated, have skills, be individuals. So if in the future they decide to be a SAHM and if a pickle arises they will not be left broke and at the mercy of other’s.

I’m also not perpetuating rape culture in my home. I am not teaching my daughter’s that various states of undress gives permission to unwanted sexual advances. Being intoxicated or having a dinner bought for them does not grant permission to get in their pants. Nor does their appearance have any bearing on their character. If you believe a girl in a short skirt is tempting or has it coming I suggest you have a mental check up. Or you are an asshole.

Now yes they are being taught common sense safety precautions because the world is filled with bad people. Who may try to kidnap or rape you regardless of your clothing.

I am a woman. I am not inferior to a man. Hell I have met many men I wonder consider myself superior to. But I believe in equality. Also the right to choose. I am not a shrinking violent. I am not raising shrinking violets. I am not a fragile creature that needs protection from my own hormonal irrational thoughts. I am rational, clear headed. News flash totally capable of making decisions.

Further more the notion that if I enjoy sex or have/had multiple partners I am a promiscuous slut, whore, or tramp is bullshit. The thought if I do not dress “modestly” I am wearing some sort of slut uniform infuriates me. These are all words, terms, ideas, notions that are meant to keep “women” in their place. Where is that place behind a man.

I am angry. I call bullshit.

It is 2013. Wake the fuck up.

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